There comes a time when an owner needs to make the most difficult decision regarding their beloved pet.  While the decision to euthanize a pet is ultimately up to the owner, our office can offer our professional advice concerning the quality of life your pet currently is enjoying and what it is likely to become in the future.  Some cases seem to have an obvious decision while others are more difficult to judge and it is the owner who is better able to say if their pet is still interacting with it's family and getting even minimal enjoyment in living.

Once the decision has been made to euthanize a pet, our staff will aid you in determining the final resting arrangements.  The owner has the option to take the pet home for burial or to have the remains cremated.  If cremation is chosen, the owner can then either have the ashes buried in a communal grave or have them returned in an urn.

Our hospital and staff take great care to minimize the pain and anxiety of the pet as well as show support for the grief the owner is experiencing.  The attending veterinarian will administer a small injection into the muscle of the pet.  This is an anesthetic identical to what would be used if the pet was going to have surgery.  The owner is encouraged to hold and talk to the pet while it falls asleep over the next 5 minutes or so.  Upon rare occasion, a pet may become nausious during this process.  Once asleep, the pet no longer knows the owner is present or feels any pain.  At this point, the pet owner may leave so as not to have to witness the final injection which consists of an overdose of another anesthetic administered into a vein.  Our staff may take the pet into another part of the hospital for this final injection, bringing the pet back to the owner if the pet is to be taken home, or simply for a final viewing if the owner wishes.

The grief many owners experience over the loss of a beloved pet is identical to the loss of a human family member and should never be trivialized.  Pet owners go through the same stages of grief and sometimes need counseling to help get through them.  Our staff members are always willing to listen as we have a common bond in that we all have lost a beloved pet.  We can also assist the grieving owner in finding professional counceling if necessary.


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