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Upon your arrival at our hospital, you will be greeted by one of our receptionists, perhaps the same one that you talked to over the phone when you made your appointment.  The receptionist will then briefly verify the reason for your visit and get your chart ready for the technicians.  If this is your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a New Clent Welcome form.  You may also fill the form out from the convenience of your home computer.  Just follow the link located at the bottom of left column listing our hours, address and phone numbers on the home page of our website.

When an exam room becomes available, one of our technicians will call your pet's name and escort you and your pet into one of three exam rooms.  Depending upon your pet and what else is currently going on in the hospital, your pet will either be weighed before you enter the exam room, or the technician will take your pet a little later on to be weighed.  The technician will then verify again the reason for your pet's visit, listening to your concerns and perhaps asking questions to obtain an accurate history for the veterinarian.  The technician may take your pet's temperature or briefly examine the pet, depending upon the reason for the visit.  The technician may also take a fecal sample or draw some blood for testing.  If there are specific things you would like to have done, such as having your pet's nails trimmed or ears cleaned, or specific concerns or questions you would like answered, this is the best time to request it as often, when the veterinarian is doing his exam, smaller things get temporarily forgotten but the technician will have either already addressed it, made note of it in the pet's file or can remind both you and the doctor about it.

Once the technician has finished taking your pet's history, she will get things ready for the veterinarian to come into the room.  It may take a few minutes to get vaccines or medications ready or to start any laboratory procedures, plus the doctor may still be in another exam room with another pet, so to help pass the time, televisions have been installed in the two main exam rooms and reception.  The third exam room is the "quiet" room.

Once the veterinarian enters your exam room, one of our technicians will restrain your pet for the doctor to examine.  He will listen to your pet's heart and breathing, examine the skin and haircoat, feel the abdomen, look at your pet's ears, eyes and teeth and address any special concerns you have.  The doctor will discuss any additional procedures he recommends and various treatment options.  He may also recommend a specialist or second opinion.  Radiographs and laboratory tests may be performed now or rescheduled for another day.  Some procedures may require us to take you pet into the central treatment room.  On rare occasion, a pet may be taken to the treatment room as they behave better when away from their owners as they no longer feel the need to protect their owner from us.

If you have any monetary concerns that you have not already mentioned, prior to actual treatment or testing would be the time to have those addressed.  Please do not hesitate to ask for an estimate at any point, but please do not ask to make payments after treatment has already been performed on your pet.  Our veterinarians and staff will do our best to give your pet the best care within your monetary means, but will withhold medications or test results if prior payment options have not been arranged.

Once the veterinarian has finished examining and treating your pet, the doctor will ask that you remain in the exam room while he leaves to write up your pet's chart and to get any prescriptions ready.  The technician may remain to discuss other issues with you, such as nutrition or parasite control, or to simply go over everything the doctor has said.  We fully understand that talking with a doctor can be a little confusing or intimidating to some people and that having the technician go over treatment options or diagnoses differently can help an owner understand what is happening to their beloved pet.  The doctor or one of the technicians will let you know when everything is ready for you to check out and to ask if there is anything else we can do for you.  At that point, our receptionists will go over your medications, your account, and schedule any follow-up visits.


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